Disney’s Hollywood Studios to receive a $3 billion makeover?

Changes to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS) have been a long time coming. Earlier this year one of the biggest changes to date took place–Mickey’s sorcerer hat was removed from Hollywood Boulevard–and the Earful Tower has once again claimed its place as park icon.

Now a new report is outlining just what changes are coming to DHS, and it has the internet buzzing.

Rumours have been swirling about DHS for years.

Rumours have been swirling about DHS upgrades for years. Photo circa 2013.

Rumour is that DHS will see a $3 billion investment, and that Disney will expand its Star Wars presence in the parks.

In addition to the long-awaited Star Wars expansion, an Indiana Jones themed area may be developed (hello, Lucas Land?)  along with an extension of Pixar Place. Construction of a third Toy Story Mania track has already been confirmed.

Many attractions have already closed–or are scheduled to be closed in coming weeks. The park, already branded by some as a “half-day park” is relying on Frozen Summer Fun to bring crowds during this transitional period.

It’s speculated that news on the park’s redevelopment will be shared at the upcoming D23 Expo, taking place in Anaheim from Aug. 14 to 16.

With all of these changes coming to DHS, a name change would seem appropriate given the theme of filmmaking and working film studios has all but diminished. Some say that all that will be left from the early DHS days will be the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster, Toy Story Midway Mania, the Great Movie Ride and Star Tours.

The rumoured front runner for a new name? Disney’s Hollywood Adventure. That gives me optimism that Disney will keep the beautiful 30s-era theming, and work it into their new vision for the park.

Your thoughts?


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