Star Wars and Toy Story lands announced for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Exciting news from the D23 Expo! No, I didn’t attend last weekend’s convention in Anaheim, California, but after following the announcements from several official sources (maybe in 2017 I can finally make it to California?), I am enthusiastic to share some news and links to recently unveiled concept artwork.

Some long-awaited announcements, specifically regarding the future of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, were made at the expo.

Concept artwork for the envisioned Star Wars and Toy Story lands were displayed to eager audiences at the semi-annual convention…wish I could have been there to see it first hand!

Two significant attractions will be included in Star Wars Land, in addition to merchandising and dining locations to enhance the experience for Star Wars fans.

No timelines were announced for the redevelopment–but given the level of detail that the Star Wars attractions will entail, it’s likely to take several years until completion–some are estimating a grand opening of 2021 to coincide with Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

In the meantime, fans will have some meet and greets and other exhibits to look forward to beginning at the end of this year. The Star Wars Launch Bay will be set up in the Animation Courtyard to showcase plans for this ambitious project (Disney’s answer to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?), and highlight the upcoming film trilogy. Check out more details from the announcement here.

To bring some much needed child-friendly attractions to Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land will include a family coaster themed to Slinky Dog and a green alien saucer spinner. You can check out the official concept artwork here. I think the theming of Andy’s backyard adventures really has an opportunity to shine. 

I would expect Toy Story Land to open well before Star Wars Land, because despite the heavy theming, the new area’s attractions appear to be less complex.

Overall, this will be a welcome addition to a park that has been in need of some major improvements. I’m optimistic that further announcements will still be made. 

What do you want to see at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?